Thursday, January 23

Bkk with Bff

It was my first trip with friends and we had booked the Mas Airline two-months in advance before departure date. We had been really excited and looked forward for this trip since it was our first flight together. We start planning to go on September and start to look for group tour in Matta fair but in the end we decided to go by our own better since we preferred to plan everything on our own. So we booked Mas Airline in October, a round flight which cost us near RM500. Due to the date that we all available for it, Mas Airline offered a cheaper price compare to Air Asia. Hotel was booked in December through Agoda and we started to plan our schedule after knew the location of our hotel. It was a 6days 5nights Bangkok trip. We discussed , planned , scheduled , re-planned and re-scheduled for a few times until we think it's perfect. Planning makes us excited too since we did enjoyed the moment we spent together, did research together and makes the schedule together.

This was the schedule that we made, but we didn't really follow till the end due to the uncertainty happened but we make it as a references.