Friday, January 24

Bkk w Bff - Day 2

Sawadeeeeee!! Woke up at 5.45 in the morning just to get to the Pratunam early market, my friend told me that all the clothes are selling at wholesales price. It took less than 15min to walk from hotel, the sky is still dark when we were on the way going but there are people start opening their stall and you may ask them how to reach to the early market, they will lead you the right one since its pretty near from Berkeley hotel.

TaaaDA! This the early market before 7am, still not many people yet. But once the sky started to get bright, the crowds came. MANY MANY PEOPLE. We didn't manage to buy much since it''s really pack and hot!

While on our way walking back to hotel saw this street-style coffee stall and order a cup of coffee to wake us up. Cheap - If not mistaken is only around 20baht.

Morning BANGKOK!

Had chicken rice for our breakfie (40baht) SIBEH DELICIOUS ! Located at opposite Berkeley hotel that row.
Love this kind of vintage feel restaurant

 Back to hotel and get ready.



 Visited a few malls in a row, first Siam Paragon we tried out their food at food court. The food court there really amazed me, so much diff from KL and most of the foods taste good too.

This cheesy dumpling not only looks great in poster, it taste even better in mouth!!!

Try out a yogurt from another stall, it has variety of flavors available (greentea, choco, coffee, banana..) we choose the most original taste, not bad though and the price is reasonable and comes with a pretty bottle but couldn't make it as souvenir since it must be finished within 4hours.

After finished our food taste season , we headed to Central World  then walk to MBK. Just a short visit to the both malls since its the same like the mall in KL and the stuff is slightly expensive. If you are looking for branded stuff then this 3 malls are the one for you. We walked to Platinum mall from MBK after that. Had a quick shopping at platinum mall since we need to go to Chocolate ville at 5pm. we rushed back to hotel to put down our stuff and had a quick rest for awhile then off to choco ville.

It's the best to reach Chocolate Ville during sunset. And its suggested to take a Meter-taxi instead of letting the driver simply decide the fare. They can simply say 500baht for the journey while if using taxi meter is only cost around 100-150baht.

 Look at it! It is sooooo beautiful~

It slowly getting dark and with lights on really makes it perfect.

After Chocolate ville we back to hotel to get some rest cause the night is still young! We headed to Route66 for second round! We had so much fun experiencing clubbing in foreign country. Things were so different. Its an open-sky / outdoor club. You can go inside too, inside is more fun since the music is louder and much crowded. 

Wonderful night we had! :)