Friday, January 24

Bkk w Bff - Day 3

Rise and Shine !! Its our 3rd days in Bangkok! For the past few days we are more focus in visiting instead of shopping. Today will be the day! Its the day for CHATUCHAK weekend market! The place that can makes you shop like an insane woman since almost all the clothes price range between 80-250baht! Average 150-200baht!

Since on this day we just went to Chatuchak market only so there's not much picture taken. You should know that when it comes to shopping, girls get crazy and forget everything lololol

 A friendly remind here, go and get a free map at the information counter at the entrance *I guess so that you won't be so lost. Chatuchak market is divide into many sections and YES, WE R LOST. We keep going back the same place OVER-and-OVER again its really wasted our time! And, remember to apply sunblock and put on a cap, the sun really do killing. Drink plenty of water there ! 

It can says that we've been shopping at there from 11am to 6pm..(it's still not enough!)

 Stuff that I bought not included here
just can't get enough...