Friday, January 24

Bkk w Bff - Day 4

Yup the citizen in Bangkok was having protesting on this day. It's not surprise since we already know before hand since we did a lot of research of Bkk and we know it's danger to continue our trip but we don't want to waste our flight and hotel cause all had been paid and we've been excited for it for so long. Hence, we decided to continue our trip and the schedule on this day will be 'Stay in hotel'.

Everyone was worry bout us, got a lot of messages from friends asking the situation. Its actually very peaceful there, their protest aren't as scary as we thought. The situation is like they are having an open-air party and all united and dance together with 'GANGNAM STYLE' music on ! LOL (kay this the situation I saw at night la when we were at the night market in front our hotel)

We all had a really good rest , we can sleep until naturally awakes since the schedule is blank on this day. We decided to take a lunch buffet in hotel which cost us 550baht eac.

This is my favorite area, all the dishes comes in a small portion.

This shrimp SUPER FRESH and TASTY! Had a few plate of it!

Inside is fish meat with some sour and spicy taste. *thumbs up!




There are few more areas but dint manage to snap it since busy with eating. We spent almost 2-3hours there, eat all we can. After rest for an hour , we headed to try out their fitness room and did some workout. Off to swimming after that.


The pool view  from our room.

Back to our room had some rest and decided to go down have our dinner, and once we step outside the lobby it was peacefully peace just that its very crowded. No fight No shouting Just music and Dancing. LOL right? I think they protest harder in daytime and start to dance at night.

We had chicken rice together as dinner opposite our hotel. No doubt their chicken rice is the best one I've ever tried. Fall for it! After dinner, we shopped at the night market in front our hotel. I did recorded down the situation of their protest and we even joined in and dance together! haha so much fun

We can said that we are unlucky to have protest during our trip but I do feel grateful since I have the opportunity to get enough rest,enjoy the facilities provided, and no need rush to visit places. ammitabha ~