Tuesday, October 7

21st in SEOUL - Day 5

Day 5
Namiseom Island (남이)
Petite France (쁘띠프랑스)

We were in real good mood on that day, took selfie for nonstop all way from the guesthouse to subway. The weather was super good and we are super lucky cause it didn't rain in the pass few days.

The toast stall is nearby the Chungmuro station, it looks tasty but too bad I didn't get to try it even though we passed by the stall everyday T.T since every morning the guesthouse will provide us with breakfast (rice, cereal, bread, milk, juice, coffee, eggs, ramyun) so we are already super full by the time we walk out.

So in order to get to Nami Island by subway, we traveled from Chungmuro -> transfer train at Oksu station -> another transfer at Mangu station -> and finally reach Gapyeong station. From Gapyeong station , we took cab to Namiseom Dock then  took ferry to Namiseom Island. The whole journey took around 2hours +

The train transferring is crazy, they have many different line and every different line have many different exits. Every night I have to spent some time to read the subway map in order to know which station that we need to transfer. And the morning before we depart I will need to read again -.- cause it's too complicated!

Alright, back to Nami Island. 


The main entrance to Nami Island.


We rented bicycle there and cycling around to take picture. The feeling is so damn awesome, the weather is good, the environment is so peaceful, the air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful ..urghh bring me back to Nami Island please T.T

And also we had our lunch there at Country Restaurant, having meal outdoor by the beautiful scenery is one of the best thing ever.

After hours spent in Nami Island, we took the ferry to get back to Namiseom Dock and took cab to Petite France!! Another place that running man often went to filmed. But with my advise, it's not worth to go thou..there's not much to see..wasted of entrance and transportation fees that cost around RM100 for just to visit a normal village.

Guess that's all for Day 5 :)

Monday, September 29

At this moment , I feel like record down what I'm feeling right now even though I'm so exhausted from the busy scheduled from day to night today but still I feel great , I feel blessed, I feel loved, and I feel grateful.

The SEP program inspired me a lot. From there I get to know my life's ups and downs and from the graph I drew, my life aren't really that bad, I know what's good and what's bad, when to forgive and when to forget as well. My happiness level in the graph is keep increasing since the beginning of 2014, life is getting better despite of those tiny little stress and unhappy thing that happened in between.

As in the beginning of the year , I started to love travel. I want to experience more and see everything that I never see before. The first trip travel with friends was so damn awesome, it gonna be one of the best memories that I will always remember. My 21st April trip to Korea was another memorable one that keep makes me missing the days in Seoul so much. 

After the two trips, I enrolled in Degree study and back to my ordinary student life. Unexpectedly, I have successfully got the scholarship :) it means a lot to me. Life as a scholar now, I see more challenges are coming soon. And all these challenges are the opportunity for me to learn more and also  motivate me to be even stronger and better. I know what I want , just keep move on, do my best, and get what I want.

Wednesday, July 23

21st in SEOUL - Day 4

   Day 4
Gwangjang Market (광장시장)
Ssamziegil (쌈지길)
Jogyesa Temple (조계사)
Samcheongdong (삼청동길)
Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)

A day spent with my mom alone since my friend was having fever on this day so her mom decided to stay at guesthouse to took care of her. The MAGO guesthouse owner was super kind by fetching them to the clinic nearby :)

The first place we went to visit was Gwangjang market !! Running man did filmed at the market in one of their episode, and there are various of Korean food to be tasted ! And basically we got lost somewhere before get to Gwangjang market, not to be nervous but to keep walk and ask people around. Speak in korean was fun though haha

 Know what..never miss any opportunity to take selfie even though I'm walking on the street.

And after a long walking journey, finally I saw GWANGJANG MARKET infront of me!!

It has many entrances and each entrance lead to different department such as foods, clothes, shoes, and so on.

 Bin dae dduk (빈대떡), Korean pancake

  Patjuk (팥죽), Rice And Red Bean Porridge
It's in salty taste.

Ddeokbokki (떡볶이), Spicy rice cake

Odeng (오뎅), Fishcake

After satisfied our stomach, we went to Insandong. And yeah we got lost like half and hour again before we get there.

 The main purpose to go Insandong was to visit this building, Ssamziegil.


Had a tried of this so called 'Poop bread'

Next stop was Jogyesa temple and its just somewhere next to Ssamziegil building. While on the way to the temple, we saw an information center and thought of asking them the exact location of Jogyesa Temple for double confirm and surprisingly they have traditional clothes that you can try on. If not mistaken I paid less than Rm30 to tried it.

Jogyesa Temple

After a short visit at Jogyesa temple, we took bus to Samcheongdong for Buchon hanok village ! And yes we got lost again for like half an hour. All I can say is that we walked alot on that day for don't know how many km.

And lastly, we had a meal beside the road..it was so relaxing and clean. We wouldn't have the chance to experience this in Malaysia to have meal by the road.