Wednesday, February 12

Next Flight >> ♥ Seoul, Korea ♥

Omo Omo Daebak !!!

I am flying to South Korea this April!! Korea has always been in my wishlist and I used to think that I will only have the opportunity to fly to Korea after I get older (after graduate maybe?). But story is different now, I will make my dream come true on my 21st ♥♥♥ This coming trip will be a very meaningful 21st present I give to myself, yup I pay for my own expenses ^^ There will be no fancy birthday celebration on my 21st but a meaningful one in my dream-country

 The most excited part is that I get to arrange my own schedule for the whole trip. It will be a 9days8nights trip and we will depart on 21st April. And my birthday will be on the next morning after the day we reach Seoul!! How excited is that ^^!!!