Friday, January 24

Bkk w Bff - Day 6

Beautiful sunrises.

we are leaving today..take 1

Slept at 3.30am yesterday and woke up at 6.45am ..just a few hours of nap. Our flight to KL was at 8pm but we needa check out at 9am since we will be heading to shop for our last time. Checked out earlier so that we no need to go back to hotel check out at 12pm. After check out we kept our luggage at the lobby.

Had Chicky rice again as my breakfast and went to Platinum mall 扫货!Without care 3-7-21 bought a full recycle bag of clothes. Went for foot massage too after satisfy with the stuff I bought. lady ~~ 99baht only (Not nice)

Rush back to hotel to collect our luggage and get into cab to airport.

We are leaving soon..take 2

BTW had a small celebration while in the flight by ordering wine and cheers that we had a blessed and safe trip :)