Friday, January 24

Bkk w Bff - Day 5

 Woke up at 7 morning and accompanied Xuan to Pratunam morning market- not the wholesales price one but those stalls beside the road one. She wants to buy football shirts for her lil bro. The breeze in the morning was wonderful, mood turns really good under the great weather.

This the street that at night turn into night market (no matter how many times you walk, you sure got something to buy)


 After spent around 1000baht at the morning market, back to hotel to meet up the others and start our journey of the day (long long long journey)! 

  We are on our way to China Town~~~

Filling our stomach first!

Another very delicious  bowl of ( hor fun ) , the soup is red in color. No idea why its red.

After filled our stomach , SHOPPING MOOD ON LIKE CRAZY! If you think there's nothing to buy in Chinatown then you are so wrong! You have to walks into the right street and then only you will found shoes, bags , accessories , and everything except clothes (no clothes selling there) selling at a very cheap price compare to outside! I bought bags and accessories there, I always wanted to buy those statement necklace in Bkk but as the price offered in KL around RM20-50 and in Bangkok I saw few in Chatuchak market and the price almost the same in KL. Luckily I found a shop selling accessories and they're selling at 100baht each statement necklace if buying 3 and above. Talking bout the bags! Got 2 bags for less than 500baht, good quality one! And bought many 'zap ba lang' stuffs too =D

The ang mo was trying to photo-bomb my pic HAHA

Satisfied shopping we had. After that we went back to our hotel to put down our fruitful stuff before going to Terminal 21. Tut-tut!!!

3 girls in a tut-tut this time so managed to capture picture.

Next Stop- Terminal 21. Didn't purchase anything there, just snap picture with their creative theme they had on every floor. Let me share out few of our pretty pictures.

Had our first western meal as snack after so many days of thai-style meal.

Next, we went to Asiatique using their BTS to Saphan Taksin station and took free shuttle ferry to Asiatique.

They are still having their protest in front Terninal 21.

Group pickie while waiting for ferry at Saphan taksin station.

Group pickie on ferry.

Another wonderful sunset view.


Night-view of Asiatique

After Asiatique we went to Patpong night market (I personally call it HamSap street) , there are many hamsap pub there..planned to had dinner there but couldn't' found any nice place to eat so just walk around and back to Pratunam. We had our dinner opposite our hotel the row of shop again.

Smartphone eat first.

We went to the night market in front our hotel AGAIN for the last time, tomorrow we will be going back :(( And everyone were busy packing after that, I spent around 2hours+ to pack..such a failure i am..I bought a lot but my luggage is not big enough but I'm  still insist to buy more! Not buy sure regret! 

You know the only thing I stress everyday was how am I going to fixed in all the stuff into the luggage..but without any care I still keep buying ..船到桥头自然直 with the help of xuan. I almost cried. At last 1 luggage go, 1luggage + 2 hand carry back.