Friday, November 8

End of the year with a new beginning started

Hi visitor,

     This was supposedly to be a blog that filled with many posts like all other normal blogger did but I hided all the previous posts and make a new starting. I start to blog since January 2010 and stopped in early 2013. The main reason I stop blogging is because of as I growth older, my time get lesser. But this time will be difference since the stuff that I will post would be diff from the previous one. It will be mainly focus on the places I traveled. I love to travel and I think that we should travel more while we are yound and experience more what happened outside. I had traveled to China(Hainandao) , Jakarta , Philippine and Bali when I was small..I won't consider that all as travel experiences since I was still a kid that time (below 12) so I don't really know what's happened around me that time, all I did just stick to my parents. Now I'm 20 years old and I have decide to travel around with friends and record down all the stuff I experienced and do some sharing with all my blog visitors and hopes it will helps.

    Let me make a simple introduction bout myself, my full name is Lee Li Yi all my friends call me Penny and I'm going to be 21st years old on next 22th of April :) I'm a typical Taurus baby with all the Taurus personalities. With only 153cm height, I always let people underestimate in doing anything and they're all wrong. Even in my parents mindset I was always underage.Tiny doesn't mean to be weak. Besides, I'm just freshly graduated from my Diploma course in UCSI University in business study  and decide to continue my degree on May next year. People might ask why make it so late and why don't start it earlier. The reason is simple, I want to Travel. :) I want to earn and travel. For the past 2years of Diploma study, I have been study really hard and pushed myself to the limit and achieved the result that I always wish for, 3.7CGPA. And now I want to give my brain a  break and do the things that I love. Travel needs money, and money takes time to earn. That's why I give myself a more than half year time to earn, rest and travel. I'm working as a freelancer currently, I found out that its the most faster way to earn pocket money.Every short term event jobs ended is another experiences gain and memories made.

   The next post will be on January about Bangkok trip with buddies , will be going on 10Jan until 15Jan so looking forward for it and yea that's all for my first post.