Saturday, January 10

21st in SEOUL - Day 7-9

Deoksugong Palace
Seoul Plaza
Bongeunsa Temple
♥ Noryanjin Fish Market

I will summarize everything for day 7- 9 in this post because I realized I didn't took much picture for the day7-9 and there are also some places that we went but didn't took any pic of them. So summarize the final 3 days in a single post and let all the pictures do talking. 

Finally I am finish blogging with my Seoul trip, it really takes forever for me to blog this. Even though it has been more than 7 months since I got back but my soul are still at Seoul. Promise myself will go again in 2years time :)

21st in SEOUL - Day 6

Namsam Tower ( N Seoul Tower)
Ewha Woman Uni Street

 We took a cab to Namsan Tower on this day, it's actually just a distance from the guesthouse but we don't know the direction of it so we decided to take cab. The cab driver drop us at the nearest bus stop to the Namsan tower and asked us to take the bus. At first we planned to take the cable car but didn't manage to find the cable car counter so we took the bus and reach the top.Should have took the bus earlier instead of cab, the cab fees ain't cheap thou!
 After reach at the top, there's still a walking distance to reach the Namsan tower.

Not a good picture of the N-Tower was taken, I forgotten to bring my camera so all the pictures were taken by Iphone. To be honest, my mood was really down that morning. How can I forgotten to bring along my camera T.T this place was really beautiful

Its a tree that made by locks. Well, in N-Tower, couple locks are everywhere.

We went to visit Ewha Woman Uni Street after that, but before that I went back to guesthouse to get my camera and changed into a more comfortable outfit. As mention earlier, N-Tower is pretty near from the guesthouse.
 The moment I stepped into Ewha Woman University, it really gave me a breathtaking view. It was soooooo beautiful. We spent an hour to admire the university and chilling there. 

 Outside the Ehwa Woman University is the streets have many shops that selling female clothes, cosmetics , bags, shoes all that at a very cheap price. YES! IT IS VERY VERY CHEAP compare to other places, even Myeongdong, Dongdaemun or Namdaemun market also won't offer that range of price. All the clothes price are around RM30-50. It is consider very very cheap in Seoul.

After hours shopped around Ewha street , we headed back to Chungmuro to have dinner and went to Myeongdong market after that. 

 Ordered a cup of hot chocolate under the cold weather before back to guesthouse.