Thursday, January 23

Bkk w Bff - Day 1

10th January 2014

Flight was in 3.30pm, we all first gathered at Brenda's house and headed to KLIA at 11am. I slept pretty well the day before yet excited for it. We reached KLIA 2 hours earlier, checked in our luggage and had our brunch in Old town while waiting for depart.

 Our passport pickie time (With the Doraemon cover one is mine, got it from doraemon fair for RM9.90).


Xuan da Pony.

Caryee and Bren.

 Never forgotten to took a nap as well since there's still an hour more before departure.

Self-captured group picture before depart.

The beautiful sky ♥

We had an 'awesome' flight thou, would give a thumb down to the pilot if we were the judges. And so..after 1hour and 40minutes journey, we finally reached Bangkok! The first thing to do is to purchase a local Sim-card! Its available in the airport. There are few choices of line that can be chosen, we choose Dtac- 299baht (7days unlimited online with 100baht free call) and I did called back to Malaysia for like 5-6times and there are still credit balance left. I think every call cost around 50sen for like 20second and the internet will be activated once you place the Sim-card into your phone.

After settle with our phone, we got a taxi from the airport to our hotel. Its a 7-seated car (700baht) and its pretty packed since there were 6 of us and each of us comes with a huge luggage. It took quite long time to reach our hotel in Pratunam since we stucked in the traffic.

We stay in Berkeley hotel and it's quite near to the Platinum Mall, it took around 10minutes walks to reach there and there's a mini night market available every night in front of our hotel. Berkeley hotel has a separated towers, main tower and North-tower). Main tower is just right above the lobby while north-tower you need to cross a mini-bridge at 11th floor, its not really that far no worry.

We booked the north-tower room at first but then the receptionist upgraded us to main-tower luxury room without any extra charge! How lucky we were! However we are required to pay 10000baht as deposit for 2 rooms for 5nights and they will be paying back to us when we check-out.

 taaa-da! Girl's room. There are two beds and 2person shared each.

View from our room, spot the traffic?? It is much traffic on Friday since it's TGIF, weekend aren't like this.

The girls are ready for dinner!

We had our first dinner at Condom and cabbage restaurant, took our first tut-tut there and it was a terribly AWESOME ride I've ever try. Five of us got into one tut-tut together (a boy was sick so rest in hotel), it was quite pack to fit 5 persons in it and the tut-tut is very small!  Luckily the journey wasn't that long. The most AWESOME part of the tut-tut was the driver drove very fast, keep cut line (even a big bus/lorry), drive to the opposite road side! and make a u-turning in the middle of the road! wow..what an experience. We scream and shout all the way to the restaurant. Danger yet fun LOL

The environment.

Food-pickie time!
This salad thingy very yummy!!
 Tomyam taste okok
 Pineapple fried rice taste normal
 The chicken thingy on left taste good but the salad beef on right taste bad and very spicy.
 Expensive and not tasty dessert.

The condoms that we got when we bill, each got 2 of it.

The meal cost us around 1500baht. Overall the environment and concept for this restaurant is good and creative but the food still needa be improve.

Condom's babies (ewwwww) hahaha

Under the Condom-tree