Monday, September 29

At this moment , I feel like record down what I'm feeling right now even though I'm so exhausted from the busy scheduled from day to night today but still I feel great , I feel blessed, I feel loved, and I feel grateful.

The SEP program inspired me a lot. From there I get to know my life's ups and downs and from the graph I drew, my life aren't really that bad, I know what's good and what's bad, when to forgive and when to forget as well. My happiness level in the graph is keep increasing since the beginning of 2014, life is getting better despite of those tiny little stress and unhappy thing that happened in between.

As in the beginning of the year , I started to love travel. I want to experience more and see everything that I never see before. The first trip travel with friends was so damn awesome, it gonna be one of the best memories that I will always remember. My 21st April trip to Korea was another memorable one that keep makes me missing the days in Seoul so much. 

After the two trips, I enrolled in Degree study and back to my ordinary student life. Unexpectedly, I have successfully got the scholarship :) it means a lot to me. Life as a scholar now, I see more challenges are coming soon. And all these challenges are the opportunity for me to learn more and also  motivate me to be even stronger and better. I know what I want , just keep move on, do my best, and get what I want.