Tuesday, June 17

21st in SEOUL - Day 1

안녕하세요 :)

Finally I manage to update my blog on SEOUL TRIP!! Just started my Degree life in May and it's crazy, everything got so much harder and complicated compare to my Diploma life. Gotta adapt to the stressful degree life :( Alright, forget about all the stress and back to the topic which I've been waited months to talk about :D

It was my first time travel with Air Asia airline. I got scare off when my friends told me that 7hours + of flight in Air Asia flight would be very suffering and so on BUT actually it's not really as bad as my friends described. It's quite comfortable and I did had a good nap too. The only thing that I dislike about Air Asia is the airport, since it was my first time been there and so as compared to KLIA, I was shocked to see the environment. Luckily now they have changed LCCT into KLIA II *big clap*


 Our flight was in 8am and we reached Incheon airport around 3pm and the moment we stepped out from the airport was awesome ! The weather was like in Genting Highland. Then we headed to purchase our bus ticket to Chungmuro (nearby our guesthouse), and wait for the bus right in front of the entrance of the airport.

All the way heading to the city is so so so so beautiful, I cant describe by words..the road is so clean and flowers are everywhere. By the time we reached Chungmoro Station , we got lost for a while in looking for the guesthouse. I did follow the instructed ways to go to the guesthouse but still get confuse when reaching there BUT we were so damn lucky, an uncle came across offered to help us and I showed him the instructed ways.He don't really understand how to go BUT he still insist to lead us the way and helped us to call the person in charge of the guesthouse to pick us up! How kind the uncle was huh ???! I really felt so grateful to met such kind person. With the help of the uncle , we reached our guesthouse safe and sound, it was actually 15 min walks away from Chungmuro station.

After settled down everything, we headed out to ITAEWON for dinner !The weather turns colder at night.

This picture taken while on our way walking to the subway.

We had no idea what to eat for dinner so we simply choose this place to settle our dinner just because it looks so local. The place call 명동칼국수 ( Myeongdong Kalguksu), kalguksu is korean handmade knife-cut noodle that served in a large bowl. When we first enter the shop, there was no foreigner, no single English words on the wall or menu and the owner and staffs don't speak English. Well, challenge come and I need to communicate with them in Korean language. Luckily still able to order what we wanted to. And so that's our first meal in Seoul.

We ordered Kalguksu, Seafood pancake, Bibimbab and Mandul (dumpling).
After the meal , we walked around to admire night view of Itaewon, the night was so peaceful and quiet due to the Sewol incident. 

So that's the sum up of my first day post in Seoul :)))