Wednesday, July 23

21st in SEOUL - Day 3

   Day 3
Namdaemun Market
Namsangol Hanok Village
Naksan Park

Another wonderful day in Seoul , like usual we took subway to Namdaemun market which just 2 stations away from Chungmuro station.

And tadaaaa ! Namdaemun Market~

Basically we didn't spent much time in Namdaemun market , there typically like a normal market and separated into few part like kids , women , man and so on. And I'm not really into the stuffs there so after a rough visit we move on to Namsangol Hanok Village.


After walked around the hanok village, we bumped into this (Seo-eul-nam-san-guk-ak-dang) for tea-time chilling! Its inside the Namsan hanok village.

The interior design looks like this.

 I love this place so so SO MUCH! It was so chilling and relaxing ~ the environment is so clean and peaceful we order korean rice wine and red ginseng tea (but the tea not red in color thou)

I used to think the rice wine will be taste bitter since its an alcohol like thingy but I'm wrong, it taste sweet and damn nice!

After spent hours chilling at Namsangol Hanok Village , we headed to the Naksan Park. We took bus to there, it was a hard time for us to look for the right bus to reach there since it was our first time taking bus in Seoul. Kept asked people around and finally we got on the bus.

The feeling getting on their city bus was damn awesome! There was no any other foreigner (except us) and all people surround are korean people (kids that just end class, adults that just finished work, mom with baby, dating couple). It makes me feel like I'm experiencing one of their daily activities in Seoul.

We reached Naksan Park after 10-15minutes of journey, it was a short one.  Naksan park is placed within the housing area. Its a really beautiful park for the neighborhood to chill (they used to exercise there) and its quite a huge place , I didn't really see any foreigner at the park on that day.

 We walked into the deeper housing area at the Naksan Park to see the wall of arts.


We took bus to go back to the subway station after that and had our dinner at Dongdaemun. Another challenge came, the menu is all written in hangul and I need to order meat for bbq ..phiewww ..I was stunt at the moment, then took a few minutes to read properly those meat with sauce name where I don't even understand the sauce name and all the staff don't speak English at all.But in the end still manage to order marinate beef meat. Trust me. It was the BEST KOREAN BBQ I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE.  Taste damnnnnnnn GOOD! I didnt manage to capture down the restaurant name :( but I remember it's located after the Dongdaemun station Exit 1. Same row with a sport shoes shop (Nike , if not mistaken).

 That's all for day 3. 
Another well day spent :)