Sunday, July 13

21st in SEOUL - Day 2

It was my birthday on the second day in Seoul ! On this day, I have decided to go to the Everland theme park !!!!

Took a group picture first before heading to train station.

It was a bit complicated to get to Everland, we went there all the way by subway. I remember we did exchange the subway line for like 5-6times to get there. For your information, there's Ever-line subway where can take you directly to the free shuttle bus station to Everland.

After a long subway journey, we are here in EVERLAND!!!

The first place we visited was the KPOP Hologram. Met 2ne1 and Bigbang. hahaha

Look at all these beautiful flowers! It's like fake one!

After visited all these cute-cute western style theme park , we move into wildlife theme park to meet the animals.

Visiting the wildlife reminded me a lot of Running Man because they did had their mission there before.

We had our dinner in one of the retro-style restaurant inside Everland before leaving. 

 A simple and fun yet memorable day to be for my Birthday :)